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How we started


In 2003 mother and daughter Team Karen and Kia Brey opened Soiree's doors in downtown Oshkosh.  A little bit of everything, something unique, and shopping local were typical phrases we would hear as we began our journey into the unknown, and risky business in retail. 

As customers began to discover an alternative to the imported gift industry, we grew our shop and our product lines to reflect our own styles and preferences in the gift business.  Quickly, we had local artists from Wisconsin and beyond, upcycled teak boat furniture, lake items, pet supplies, apparel, 100% soy candles, lighting, serving wares, and everything in between.

In 2010 we moved our business to a quaint little town near Oshkosh called Ripon.  Being this was home to us for over 30 years, we came back to the area and opened Soiree Deux. 

In 2013 we decided to move entirely to Ripon, as wonderful things were happening and the downtown had several renovation projects underway. 

UPDATE! It's now 2023 and after a devastating flood put our building out of commission last winter you can fully shop online with shipping and deliver options!  

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