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Unique and one of a kind pieces 

We have a love of junk, well, at least that's what some people call it.  We like to think of it as repurposing.  Since these pieces are one of a kind items we will keep them posted on our website until they sell.  Please inquire via phone, email, Facebook message, or in person with any questions. 

Antique Metal Working Table $1900
Salvaged from a school in south-central Wisconsin.  400-500 approximate weight.  Repainted in an enamel finish.  Table disassembles for easy transport.  A great kitchen island!  8' long.  Can be viewed at Originals Mall of Antiques in Oshkosh, WI
Removable iron inlays
2 Large shelves underneath for storage
Thick Wood Top - 8 Feet Long
Large Bench 4.jpg
Navy Blue
         Handmade Semi-Precious Jewelry - Charles Albert & Obsidian
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